All about Flexi

Flexi is our lovely mascot.

Flexibility ….

of our membranes

of our bloodvessels and connective tiusses

of our brain and thoughts

of our eyes.

Flexi is a phospholipid  – his brain and eyes show the phosphor part and his flexible legs show the lipid chains, which are made of fatty acids. His heart demonstrates the relationship to circulation and the heart.


describes the idea of how omega 3 fatty acids support the function of the cells and organs of the human and mammal animal body.

Membrane and MemBrain is a play on words. Omega 3 fatty acids are important building blocks of the cell membrane. Bruce Lipton, author of the best selling book ´The Biology of Belief´ was the first who named the cellmembrane the cell´s ´membrain´, because instead of the DNA in the cell nucleus the cellmembrane can be said to be the cells brain, because this is the place where most information in the cell is processed.