Our vision is to help as much people as we can in keeping or developing their abilities to take full responsibility for their lives.

As part of this task we decided to offer

Norsan Omega-3 Total and Vegan

highest quality marine omega 3 fatty acids to all people including vegetarians and vegans in their natural form as liquid oils made from freshest

Northern Atlantic fatty fishes or specially cultivated algae.

Organic raw olive oil

is added to protect oxidation of the marine oils and to support the benefits of their combination.

The advantages of eating omega 3 fatty acids, especially


from marine sources, include reduction of so called ´silent´ inflammation in the body. The effects are dosage depending.

According to Professor Michael Crawford ischaemic heart disease has been the top cause of death during the last decades, which will now slowly be replaced by degenerative diseases of the nervous system including i.e. Alzheimer’s. Both groups of diseases are mainly caused by silent inflammation. The change from heart to brain disease is simply the next step of breaking down the body´s regulatory systems.

Many researchers claim that the marine omega 3 fatty acid DHA is the most important part in the evolution of the brain. Only humans, dolphins and whales – consuming marine DHA – have such a high brain weight to body weight ratio.

Part of our vision to help mankind is the fact that slowly developing inflammatory diseases of the brain also lead to a lower average IQ, starting already in the younger generation. This can be seen in the alarming data of investigating the omega 6 to 3 ratio in different age groups. The higher the ratio, the more inflammation the body faces and in the young generations the ratio is highest because of eating habits!

Here we see an alarming danger for survival and having the right amount of marine omega 3 fatty acids per day and reduction of omega 6 acids through eating of less processed food would be one of the steps to help preventing those problems.

We believe the world´s problems that we face today are partly related to our eating habits consuming too much processed food resulting in a slow destruction of people´s body and mind. This is where we want to make a difference to give our customers an important tool for their life journey.

Easy to integrate into every day life.

Next to taking the oil pure (one tablespoon of Omega-3 Total or one teaspoon of Vegan) the oils can easily be used in a salad dressing, smoothies, yoghurt or musli.