Marine Omega 3 oils – rich in EPA & DHA

membrainflexibility offers you PREMIUM OMEGA-3 OILs produced by NORSAN, a Norwegian company based in Berlin/Germany developing omega-3 oils with market leading standards. We are convinced that our products belong to best EPA and DHA providing products in the world.

Because of their purity, sufficient dosages and very pleasant to excellent tastes we not only consume these oils ourselves on a daily basis, but also give them to our family including our children and to our best friends.



7 facts

why you should chose Norsan Omega-3 products as your daily omega-3 marine fatty acid source:

  • Both the fish oil and the vegan micro algae Norsan Omega-3 oils are always fresh and tasty. They are liquids and by eating them they prove through their pleasant to excellent taste that our oils are fresh and not oxidised. Only rancid oils would create burp-ups. You can use this highest quality supplement as an additive to your food preparations in the kitchen just as FOOD for salads, smoothies, mueslis, yoghurts and many other things.
  • Our Omega-3 Total oil comes from wild caught small fatty fishes of the cold seas. It consists of a fatty acid complex of over 50 fatty acids. The natural fatty acid structure of the fish is preserved throughout the production process and consumption has a similar effect to eating fatty fishes every day.
  • Our oils are cleaned of pollutants, heavy metals and PCBs. There are only 4 hours between catching the fish and transferring it into production. The fresh organic olive oil is immediately added to provide the best and natural antioxidative protection to the fish oil. 
  • The daily dosage of Norsan Omega-3 oils from fish or algae provide you with 2.000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids which in most cases is sufficient to increase the needed daily omega-3 fatty acid intake for the body to maintain a healthy omega 6/3 ratio or to reach a healthy ratio of omega 6/3. The higher the ratio the more silent inflammation is present in the body.
  • Norsan fish oils are Friends of the Sea (FOS) certified to make sure that fishing is sustainable and helps to preserve the global marine habitat. 
  • Our Norsan Omega-3 products are already widely recommended by medical doctors and natural therapists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Our Norsan Omega-3 Total fish oil product is also used by top athletes and is listed on the Cologne List for doping safe supplements. 

Positive Health Benefits of omega-3 fatty acids especially EPA and DHA   

  • maintain good eyesight
  • maintain normal blood fats 
  • support brain function 
  • maintain normal blood pressure 
  • support healthy heart condition


Omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA, and a balanced omega 6/3 ratio are important factors for good health because they regulate silent inflammation in our bodies. Groups of diseases related to silent inflammation are:

chronic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases.  

Our products:

A)    Freshest fish oil and olive oil combination



Natural oil from wild-caught fish

High Omega 3 content, no concentrates added

Natural and pleasant taste

Scientifically and medically endorsed

Organic cold-pressed olive oil

Vitamin D3

200 ml

8 ml per day (1 tablespoon)

       serve 2.000 mg omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA

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 B)    Combination of freshest vegan oil from algae and olive oil




Cultivated algae oil

Schizochytrium sp. micro algae

Rich in EPA and DHA, no concentrates added

Excellent natural taste

Organic cold pressed olive oil

100 ml

5 ml per day (1 teaspoon)

serve 2.000 mg omega 3 fatty EPA and DHA

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